Asphalt Helps to Mend Crack Walls and Damaged Roads

Feb 29, 2020

Wear and the tear of roads or any electrical gadgets is a natural phenomenon if you use it regularly. Now, it is not easy to keep a path or lift under lock and key to give it a forced rest, sounds funny, and impractical. After all, these things are utility items. Something that you must do is get regular maintenance done. Not only maintenance helps in smooth and flawless functioning, but it also increases longevity. 

However, it’s always advisable to avail the professional help as there can be a lot of technical details that you may not be aware of. The best option is to find an Asphalt maintenance company Oakville and sign a contract. There are various packages to choose from depending upon the requirement.

Before taking it further, one must know what is meant by asphalt maintenance. 

Asphalt, commonly known as bitumen, constitutes of a sticky, black, and viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Asphalt can be found in natural deposits or may be a refined product, and is termed as a pitch. Asphalt properties change with temperature.

However, 70% usage of asphalt is for road construction, effective option to mend cracks and holes.

Professional services:

There are numerous Asphalt maintenance companies in Oakville. Oakville is offering their professional services for decades. These companies not only help you with the maintenance but also work as an expert consultant and would provide their technical expertise. These companies have an extensive customer database that reflects their work efficiency.

Apart from repair work and consultancy, Asphalt maintenance company Oakville also offers free estimates on services. 

Select the best Asphalt maintenance company Oakville and give the contract of repair work to them for optimum results.

Asphalt maintenance specializes in:

  • Sealcoating
  • Crack Filling
  • Line Striping
  • Parking Lots
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Patching
  • Residential and Commercial

An asphalt maintenance company Oakville is thoroughly professional and knows how to apply an Asphalt sealer. In the case of seal coating work to cure pavements and outer structures, two coats of Asphalt must be applied to the affected surface evenly so that the mixture spreads appropriately. However, such work should be assigned to asphalt maintenance, providing firms as professionalism is the keyword.

Types of commercial Asphalt maintenance available currently:

It depends on the requirements. If the amount of cracks or extent of deterioration of the surface is more, then you may need durable asphalt maintenance. 

There are three types of projects that provide a quick fix to damaged asphalt.

Patching of surface:

Surface patching is mostly done to cracked or broken asphalt. Usually, you are not required to touch the damaged areas, install a thin layer of asphalt over the surface or cracked wall.

Adding overlay:

An overlay is a beneficial option when a large portion of your wall is damaged due to crack. Overlay involves installing two inches of new asphalt over the entire asphalt surface. This will give the effect of a brand new wall or surface depending on what you have repaired without needing to remove the existing asphalt surface.


The surface starts to decay if the regular deposit of sand and water takes place. This will naturally make the surface weak. The seal coating treatment prevents penetration of water down into the pores of the asphalt. However, seal coating will not work on a surface that has
already been damaged.

Ensure you engage a professional and reliable asphalt maintenance company Oakville to take care of repairs. However, as the famous saying goes ‘a stitch in time saves nine,’ get the work done before the damage aggravates. Always remember to call professional people as there are many technical aspects that only an authorized asphalt maintenance agency is capable of handling at ease.

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