3 Most Important Things To Evaluate While Hiring A Snow Removal Contractor

Jan 09, 2020

For people living in Oakville or Ontario, an important thing to search online during the harsh winters is snow removal Oakville. It can be an unwelcoming chore and can be jeopardy to personal property. Additionally, it is a time-consuming task and you have to do your research before choosing a snow removal contractor. You need to check that you are hiring a dedicated, certified, experienced and prepared team with the resources to manage snow pileup of any size. Once you zero in on a company, you should evaluate their performance in the following ways.

Verify that your company is certified, bonded, and insured

When you're analyzing a removal company, it can be easy to just look at their ratings and pick the one offering the cheapest rates.

But selecting electing a company simply based on how much they will charge you, might be a mistake. Instead of just looking at the rates, see what all is included in the estimate.

Steer clear of hiring a snow removal contractor Oakville, if the company is not insured and bonded. Otherwise, you are taking on the responsibility for this company. Figure out if the snow and ice removal company has a certification from a reputable industry association, such as the ASCA. This certification assures that a third party has vetted the contractor as he meets quality standards, and follows practices best fit for the business.

Details of the contractor

It is essential to pay attention to the details of the contractor to make sure that the company is fit for snow removal. At first, you should determine what the snow removal contractor, Oakville, will do for you when you sign the contract with them. Typically, most owners want the following services from a contractor:

-Snowplowing along the driveway
-Removal of snow from front and back yards
-Removal of snow from the sidewalks ahead of the house
-Removal of snow from the car

When you interview your contractor, ask about their course of action to plough the snow. You can ask them questions like: What will they do with the snow they plough, what is their action plan if the winter is very snowy? If their services include deicing, plowing parking lots, hauling snow, clearing sidewalks and applying a pre-wetting agent? Will they salt or use other chemicals in the sensitive areas as well? Will they plow a second time to scrape up the wall of snow? If it snows during business hours, do they have a strategy to stack the snow somewhere? You should also make sure there is a solid layout for every snow event possibility.

Confirm that the snow contractor can provide proof of service for your property. Find out if they have GPS systems installed on their equipment, as that will help them to tell you exactly when their squads were on the site.

Communication and Punctuality

Good communication can alleviate a lot of stress. Companies these days are updating smarter ways to communicate with customers via Twitter and other social media platforms. Snow removal companies remain very busy during a winter snowstorm, so finding easy ways to update their clients is an important task. Thanks to this digital age it's rather easy to update clients. Hire a company that adopts these smarter ways of communication.

The snow removal contractor, Oakville should be timely in their service. Before hiring, make sure that the company can scale up quickly to meet their clients' needs.


A quality snow removal contractor will act as a genuine partner and establish a solid winter maintenance plan. Whatever company you choose to go with, review them online so that it helps the whole community.

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