Seal the Parking lot to Increase Safety, Longevity, and Appearance 

Mar 02, 2020

Most of the places in Canada have early winters. During this time, these places receive excessive snowfall. The situation is no different in Mississauga, which experiences windy, dry, and freezing weather during the winter months. Snowfall paralyzes the reasonable livelihood. Roads covered with snow compelling vehicles to move at a snail speed bringing traffic to near chaos. The snowfall takes place from November to April. However, the summers are comparatively warm and dry. 

Usually, seal coating is done to highways since it bears regular heavyweight vehicles 24X7 and gets potholes, cracks, and under worst circumstances cave-ins. Similarly, seal coating treatment should be applied to parking lots too to avert any uncalled situation. Parking lot sealing Mississauga is a cost-effective way to keep surface clean and safe. 

Parking lot sealing in Mississauga is done by applying the unique mixture (discussed in detail below) acts like a bulletproof-jacket for roads. Not only it protects the parking lots from regular wear and tear, but it also enhances the life of the surface. Most important, it helps to seal the moisture. However, a hot sunny afternoon is the right time to carry the seal coating work as the dry weather helps the water present in the mixture to evaporate faster and turn the parking lot dry.
Let’s check the prime advantages of seal coating of the parking lot:


The parking lot gets a new look when covered with a dark black sealant. 

Slower Oxidation

The treatment fills the surface voids that reduce exposure to oxygen and UV rays ensuring strength to the surface.

Slower Water penetration

The seal coating works as a waterproofing agent that helps to minimize the volume of water entering the surface. 

Stops oil and gas spills:

Being a parking lot, the surface is continuously exposed to dripping of gasoline from the fuel tank during summer months. This can damage unsealed asphalt pavements. Coal tars used in seal coat are impervious to gas and oil spills.

Again, seal coating treatment done to roads not only increases the life of roads but also makes them skid-resistant. During wet weather, the road turns anti-glare. The hard gravel roads are easy to clean and remain dust-free, enabling in fast and safe vehicular movement.

Modern sealcoating process at a glance:

Patch-work is done to the affected or damaged parts on the road. The seal cracks are done before the sealcoating work. However, traffic can smoothly pass over the road surface while the sealcoating process is performed.

Immediate after patch-work, a mixture comprising of asphalt and water is sprayed over the road. The water present in the mixture evaporates. Without wasting any time, a layer of gravel is spread over the road surface.

This is followed by the preparation of a mixture where the gravel is crushed and implanted into the asphalt with the help of rollers.

Sand is applied as a backing agent in the consolidation and curing process. The road surface is allowed to repair for up to two days. By this time the water evaporates completely. Finally, the seal-coated surface is swept to eliminate any loose gravel. This may take several sweepings.

In advanced sealcoating, two significant types of seal coating material are used-

  • Coal-tar emulsion sealer
  • Asphalt-based emulsion seal

In places like Mississauga and others, there are eminent seal coating providers. They take complete responsibility of sealing cracked roads, parking lots, etc. 

Nowadays, this is the procedure of seal coating of the parking lots in Mississauga:

A hydraulic-driven tanker truck with a sand hog pump system is used to mix approximately 2-4 pounds of sand per gallon of emulsion to increase the solids content. 50-60 square feet of asphalt will be covered per gallon of emulsion. This is followed by an acrylic-based hardening agent of a polymer-modified material to ensure further strengthening and longevity of the parking lot sealing Mississauga.

Generally, sealcoating is recommended every 24-36 months by the Mississauga experts. However, it may depend upon the condition of the surface. Since a parking lot receives regular traffic 24X7, it is, therefore, possible to have cracks and holes at regular intervals. The wear and tear are more. Consequently, it is always advisable to get the surface examined by highly efficient professionals before approaching the final parking lot sealing in Mississauga.

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